Amadeus retail team break records

17 May 2016 Jenna Hadley

Amadeus have exceeded the £140k till revenue target by 14% at Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds concert, held at the Genting Arena on Friday, 29th April. The final figures for the night totalled £159,664 making it a record breaking evening.

The figure is even more impressive given that at 7pm the team had only reached £30k, meaning that when the bar closed a little over 3 hours later at 10:15pm, almost £130k had been generated equating to a staggering £665 per minute. In total the team sold 35,368 products to 11,293 people – 9,458 of which were served in the core hours from 7pm.

Kevin Watson, Amadeus’ Managing Director of Amadeus, said of the achievement, “I gave the Genting Arena retail team the challenge of breaking their previous record of £140k because I knew that they could push themselves further. The team readily accepted this challenge and pulled out all the stops to achieve it, and I am extremely impressed at their drive and determination.”

“At the crux of the challenge is the customer and beating this target shows what the team can achieve when they fully engaged and are committed to enhancing the customer experience.”

Amadeus are committed to extensive customer focussed training known as “Service that Sells”, and this was key to achieving the target. On the day of the event General Manager of Genting Arena Annie Monnox ensured the entire team was briefed and motivated to obtain the elusive £140k target.

As well as the emphasis on the target, the team had planned for a demanding event: keeping stock levels high, ensuring that all of the beer bugs were in operation and stationing the senior team in key areas to tighten up processes and speed up transaction times. 

Following the achievement Annie said, “I’m very proud of the team’s success, I thought £140k was a hard mission to achieve but getting the team motivated and focused on speed of transaction made all the difference. To get the results, it’s imperative that each member of the team knows what we are trying to achieve and why we trying to achieve it. I’m absolutely blown away by their commitment and that we generated our best takings ever.”