We offer apprenticeships at the NEC Group

In addition to providing clear career paths for our existing staff, we offer a number of exciting opportunities for young people to work as apprentices across the NEC Group.

Since 2013, we have recruited a large number of apprentices both front of house and as chefs within our award-winning catering business Amadeus.

We’re now developing additional programmes across our Rigging and Technical departments (read more below).

Becoming an apprentice within the NEC Group is a fantastic way to gain transferrable skills and to work with - and learn from - some of the most talented people in our exciting live events industry.

Trailblazers: Live Events Rigging Apprenticeship

The Trailblazer apprenticeship scheme is a Government initiative designed to help support three million new apprentices by 2020.  

There are currently 59 standards approved across a variety of business sectors under the initiative, including the first ever apprenticeship in Live Events Rigging.

The Live Events Rigging Apprenticeship has been developed in conjunction with the NEC Group Rigging Department and Learning & Development Team.  

Together with 12 other leading industry employers, the apprenticeship  will provide young people with a structured and measured pathway for those who choose a career in rigging.