Trends move from fast-food to street-food as new concepts

05 June 2015 Sophia Charalambous

Multi award-winning catering company Amadeus has enhanced customer experience at exhibitions with the launch of two new catering concepts from existing partners MPM and the Flying Coffee Bean (FCB). 

Following in-depth research and insight, led by Amadeus and the NEC Group, the catering partners have refreshed their brand proposition to deliver a customer experience that reflects existing and emerging food trends.

Taking on the ‘street food’ trend is MPM, who launched its new concept ‘Cook Street’ at the Spring Fair International, at the NEC, in February 2015. In each of its four units - Sizzling Squid, Alice May’s Burgers, The Whole Hog and The Bread Basket - MPM use sustainable products and deliver street food with a modern, urban twist. 

Paul Morris, Chief Executive of MPM Catering, said: “Our research shows that at live events people are looking less at burgers and hot dogs and more at street food, with the emphasis on quality and convenience. Today people are more aware of, and have a greater understanding for, the source of food - they want to know where the food comes from. We buy our food locally and know its provenance, so we can deliver dishes that meet and exceed customer’s expectations.”

When it comes to beverage, Amadeus’ research shows that the UK’s coffee revolution continues with the ‘third wave of coffee’ movement. High quality coffee is being produced by independent roasters who are roasting in small batches and they are leading the way in an increasingly specialised and thriving coffee culture. 

Caterer FCB has taken on-board this insight and over the last 18 months it has refined its brand proposition to reflect this trend and now prides itself on offering high grade coffee that is roasted in small batches. AS a result of its change of direction the company re-named its offering to ‘FCB Artisan Espresso Bars’.

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Barny Clevely, Managing Director of FCB, said: “The third wave movement aspires to the highest form of culinary appreciation of coffee, with consumers appreciating subtleties of flavour, varietal and growing region - similar to other complex consumable plant-derived products such as wine, tea and chocolate. 

“At FCB we pride ourselves not only on using high grade, small batch roasted coffee, but on our training, experience, passion and delivery. Anyone can make a coffee, but to make a great coffee it takes precision, attention to detail, enthusiasm and knowledge. We’re proud to be a partner of Amadeus and to deliver great coffee to a mass audience.”

At Amadeus research never stops to discover ways to improve the customer experience. Marc Frankl, Food and Beverage Manager at Amadeus, said: “Our customers are our priority and so we constantly strive to improve their experience - whether that be through choice, quality or customer experience. 

“Everything we do is driven by insight and research and these two new brand propositions from our existing partners are testament to that and together we are tapping into food trends that our customers are craving for. The food and beverage offering at the NEC group has been moving forward towards quality, provenance led food for some time and since launching in spring the new concepts have so far been well received. We look forward to continuing to work closely with MPM and FCB and delivering an enhanced offering to our customers.”