Barclaycard Arena introduces B1

24 February 2017 Becky Humphries

Birmingham’s Barclaycard Arena has launched a brand new intimate layout, perfect for those wishing to book a smaller event, with the full scale support and world class facilities of an Arena.

Having pioneered the reduced capacity arena concept, ‘The Academy’, back in 2004, the venue has returned with its latest initiative, that will again bid farewell to many competitors who adopted its original approach to facilitating smaller events. ‘B1’ gives artists and promoters greater flexibility, choice, control and affordability.

Intimate by design, B1 introduces a brand new 3000 capacity option in the vibrant location of Birmingham City Centre. Based on feedback from promoters and clients, this offers increased intimacy through the reduction of dead floor space and the addition of an intimate house lighting system which helps to reduce the cavernous perception of a typical arena roof. This layout can be flexed in either direction (from 2,500 up to 5000 capacity), for a standing or seated audience, to meet the needs of the event. As well as this, the Arena will offer a Plug and Play option that takes care of the artists’ production needs, and has installed a brand new private artist tunnel; this enables direct movement between the dressing room and stage to maintain the intimate feel of the venue. In addition, the inclusive event package covers rigging, security, ticketing and event marketing support, all delivered by the same award-winning team behind the 15,800 capacity Barclaycard Arena.

Arena Venue Sales Manager, Charlotte Smith said: “We identified a gap in the market for an event space between theatre and arena level, so we have created a modern, alternative space that will cater for this market demand.   B1 integrates the facilities of a world class arena with an intimate design, giving artists and promoters the flexibility to scale a show up or down to suit their needs.

"This new package will present a potential area for growth particularly in the theatre, comedy and corporate genres, as more organisers both established and new become aware of what B1 has to offer.”

For more details on B1 please contact Charlotte Smith in the Sales team on 0121 644 6087 [email protected].

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