Adele tickets found on secondary sites

12 April 2015 Sunny Sahota

Tickets appearing on secondary websites which are brought to the attention of The Ticket Factory will be cancelled if they were originally purchased from the leading, primary agent.

It has been reported in the press this week that some Adele tickets have already appeared on secondary ticketing sites for up to £2,000 and the agency wants to make sure genuine fans don’t lose out.

Pre-sale tickets for Adele went on sale on Thursday (3rd December) morning and sold out within ten minutes with the general sale taking place on Friday (4th December) at 9am via


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The Ticket Factory is championing customers by cancelling Adele tickets found on secondary sites

Stuart Cain, Managing Director at The Ticket Factory, said: “We genuinely want to make sure that the tickets we sell fall into the hands of genuine fans and so if we are aware of any of our tickets making their way to a secondary site, we will take steps to cancel them.

“Our technology allows us to trace these tickets using the serial numbers and we have the power to cancel and resell them.

“I’m hoping that Adele fans all over the country will get their tickets through an accredited STAR retailer without paying over the odds via these other sites. The promoter has also requested that customers purchasing tickets show photo ID on the night, meaning unless you’ve bought them from the primary agent, you’ll be refused entry to the venue.

“If customers do choose to buy them from secondary sites and they are found to originate from The Ticket Factory then they also run the risk of losing their money and being unable to attend the event and we will cancel those tickets where possible.”

The Ticket Factory worked closely with the Department for Business, Skills and Innovation earlier this year to try and help protect genuine fans by consulting on their legislation.

Following on from this the government introduced measures in May 2015 to ensure that secondary ticketing agents were more transparent, but it seems that more work is needed to ensure that fans aren’t missing out.

To speak to Stuart Cain about the secondary ticketing market and our stance on cancelling tickets, please contact the press office on 0121 767 3566.