Nic Young
20 July 2017 00:00


The model of brands being managed by small brand teams sitting in ivory tower marketing departments, developing TV ads, direct mail, websites and PR and pushing out communications through an array of media channels doesn’t really work for the live events industry.  In fact, there is an argument to say that it doesn’t work in any industry as it fails to capture the various touch points that customers have with your brand but that is especially true in the event space.

Building a brand is everyone's responsibility

Nic Young, NEC Group Marketing Director, recently attended a concert at one of our venues and was reminded of just how much great staff can enhance an experience. Nic reflects on this; “Post Manchester security has been tightened across most venues in the UK and ours are no exception. So along with fifteen thousand other forty something women I queued to enter the arena for the recent Take That tour.  With mandatory bag searches and metal detectors in force the access into venue was a little slower than usual although no one seemed to mind, very aware that the new measures have been introduced to make sure we’re all safe.

"The security staff and stewards were excellent, defusing any grumblings with light hearted banter and enthusiasm, which reminded me that engaged and engaging people are your best brand building asset.  They interact directly with our customers and give the brand human face.  Equally true is the fact that un-engaged staff can destroy your brand, wiping out all of that hard work within minutes.

"So, if you have crafted a beautiful brand strategy and want to build your brand in the Live Event space start with your staff!”