Claim your Hopper for your chance to win one of three air-mazing prizes!

You’d be hopping mad to miss out! Simply take a look at the hilarious hoppers below and click on your fave to claim them. Think of it a little like the Grand National but with bouncy orange hoppers instead of horses! Have a browse of our bouncers and see which one jumps out at you…

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We’re hosting a real-life Space Hopper race on 7th June at the NEC. There’ll be six hopping mad members of our Event Sales team competing against one another to see who can literally bounce across the finish line first. 

But who will they be bouncing on behalf of? Well, that’s where you come in! By claiming your lucky hopper in our Space Hopper Sweepstake, your chosen hoppers name will then be put into a hat. On the morning of the race, the six members of the team taking part will randomly pick a name from the hat to determine their hopper.

If a salesperson picks your hoppers name out of the hat, they’ll officially be riding on your Space Hopper in the race, giving you a chance of winning 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize depending on where they finish.

One thing's for sure… combining the competitive nature of salespeople with the hopping hilarity of Space Hoppers is going to make for a very entertaining watch. So be sure to check back to watch the race action unfold on 7th June. Hopfully you may even see your lucky hopper bounce onto the winners podium and bag you one of those fab prizes! Good Luck!

There are three air-mazing prizes up for grabs in our Space Hopper Sweepstake.

The person that claims the lucky Hopper that is first to bounce over the finish line  in our race on 7th June will win an incredible £500 Airbnb voucher! 2nd place will win a pair of Airpods Pro and 3rd place will take home a tasty Hops and nibbles hamper!

Click below for further details on our Sweepstake competition and to access to the full Terms and Conditions.

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The results are in... did your lucky hopper jump to the finish line?

Watch the race for some hopping mad fun and find out if you’ll be jumping for joy or feeling a little deflated…

The race took place on 7th June 2022 , did your lucky hopper win?

Hop of the press!

Intell box lands and excitement in the office is high! The headbands are looking great ;) 

First Choice Conference and Events spring into action! Get your bets in.. which FCCE team member do you think will be bouncing into victory?

Conference News and Exhibition News plan to get their bounce on in some competitive Mash Media hopping madness!


The Eventurous hop to it straight away and share with this fab boomerang! But who won... Helen or Kurt?

Absolute Events set up the games ready for some mid-week office fun!

Our Event Space Hoppers game kit in all its glory! We hope you all loved receiving your hopping mad parcels and can't wait to see your pics with it

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