we bring live to life

Our values

Our vision is to be Europe’s most successful live events business, operating leading leisure, entertainment and business destinations. 

To help us bring this vision to life, everything we do is underpinned by our four values and these are what drive the culture of our business.  



Brilliance - the NEC Group’s recognition scheme - was created to celebrate and reward the people that work in our business and live our values. Since it started in 2011 we’ve had over 23,500 people recognised.

How does it work?

Every day someone at the NEC Group works a little bit harder to deliver extraordinary service. It might be by helping out a colleague, accepting a challenge with spirited enthusiasm, or by setting the bar a little higher for a project and reaching it.

When we see our values being lived and we think a colleague deserves to be recognised, we can do it through our Brilliance programme.

• Thank you: express your appreciation for a job well done with a no-cost thank-you - it’s fast, easy and rewarding  

• Recognise: all colleagues are eligible to nominate and receive all levels of recognition – bronze, silver, gold and platinum

• Milestones: we want to recognise the contribution that colleagues make to our business not just on a day to day basis, but also year to year. We are hugely thankful for the on-going loyalty and commitment demonstrated by our employees and we aim to celebrate these milestone anniversaries

• Annual Awards: every year a few outstanding individuals and teams will be considered for one of our Brilliance Annual Awards. The winners will be those who lead by example and who live our values every day. Nominations can come from any colleague and will be reviewed by a committee and approved by the Executive Board. The Brilliance Annual Awards take place in December as part of an end-of-year celebration and staff party.